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Our Mandate

We specialize in designing and delivering clear, visual and interactive keynote speeches and workshops around social media awareness and well-being.

Digital Discipline: Your social media and online well-being experts.


We work in schools, youth groups, corporate organizations, and with individuals. 


We are available for keynote speeches and speaking engagements at your organisation.


We provide expert advice to assist people in understanding the reality of social medias impact in our community and society today. 


Guiding people in establishing practical solutions on how to have a better, balanced online experience.

Mental Health-01.png

Understanding how social media impacts your mental health and general well-being.

Looking for your

next children's book?

‘Lemalie and Sakalia’s School Holiday’ is a bi-lingual children’s book written in Samoan and English encouraging kids to be outside more as opposed to being in front of a screen.

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