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Our Services

We help people improve their digital habits and digital well-being through our educational workshops and effective solutions tailored for diverse groups and organisations.

School Workshops

We cater to all schools across New Zealand by facilitating tailored social media addiction workshops, focusing on your school's unique challenges.

  • Tailored to school's challenges

  • Building self-awareness & understanding

  • Problem-solving & practical solutions

  • Mental health & digital well-being

  • Collaborative & community-focused

School Workshop

Corporate Workshops

We assist businesses by providing educational workshops for their employees, focusing on healthy technology and social media habits, as well as promoting digital well-being.

  • Digital well-being practises

  • Building digital resilience

  • Tech detox strategies

  • Professional vs. personal use

  • Measuring productivity impact

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Team building

Corporte Workshops

Keynote Presentations

We offer impactful keynote speeches and speaking engagements at your organisation, school, church or community group. We focus on addressing the issue of social media addiction and providing insights on prevention and overcoming challenges.

  • Tailored to audience

  • Raising awareness

  • Building community resilience

  • Digital well-being focus

Keynote Speeches

1-1 consultations

We guide organisational leaders in developing and implementing strategies to support their teams or clients through the challenges of social media addiction and better technology usage.

  • Leadership empowerment

  • Customised solutions

  • Enhanced team productivity

  • Improved employee digital well-being

  • Strategy policy implementation

  • Adaptability to changing trends

1-on-1 Consulting

Policy & Guidelines

We offer assistance in creating policies tailored to regulate technology use within your school or organisation.

  • Consistent Standards

  • Clear guidelines

  • Enhanced digital safety

  • Legal compliance

  • Mitigating risks

  • Adaptability to technology trends

  • Healthy and productive use of technology

Policy & Guidelines

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