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Corporate Digital Well-being Workshops

Going beyond productivity


Setting the scene

Advances in technology have brought many positives to our lives such as instant access to information and connectivity to our friends, family and work colleagues. However, frequent interruptions throughout the day from notifications, emails, or the compulsion to check our devices, can impact how we feel in our personal and professional lives. It can leave us feeling anxious and exhausted. Finding the balance between utilising technology whilst avoiding overwhelm can be challenging.

The Workshops

Unhealthy tech and social media use have been linked to poorer well-being, loneliness and less sleep. During our Digital Wellbeing Workshop, participants will assess their personal relationship with their digital devices and develop an awareness of their internal and external triggers. By developing a healthier and more intentional relationship with the internet and their digital devices, employees can then find ways of refocusing their attention on what is most meaningful to them.

Image by Edwin Andrade
Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

What you'll learn

Our Digital Wellbeing Workshops are designed to help employees reflect on their online habits and develop greater awareness of unhealthy behaviours, leaving them able to prioritise the most important things in their work and lives.

We help participants:

  • Improve their individual relationship with tech, the internet and social media

  • Understand their emotional and situational triggers

  • Focus on what they value

  • Develop solutions that work for them

  • Increase wellbeing, creativity and focus

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