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About Us

We help individuals and families who are struggling with social media and screentime consumption develop healthier habits and tools on their journey to gaining more time back. We are unapologetically authentic and pride ourselves on tailored solutions born from the community.

Our purpose

We exist because no other solution does.


We're a social enterprise that  is devoted to raising awareness and providing tangible tools with regards to overcoming one of the most destructive addictions to sweep the globe.


 Our knowledge, expertise, research and experience allow us to authoritatively service communities, schools and organisations brave enough to address the issue head-on.


Digital Discipline founder Tony Laulu has been featured in numerous schools, community groups, church groups, Universities, health providers, and a guest on multiple podcasts and radio to provide insight and practical solutions.


Even though we've served and impacted thousands of lives, our ethos is firmly set as a grassroots movement born from the community for our community. 

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